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I'm Jen! Personal Fitness Trainer, Yoga Teacher, Nutrition Coach and Wellness Enthusiast with over 25 years of experience coaching folks just like you get into the best shape of their life.

I create efficient and results oriented exercise and nutrition programs that are simple, straightforward and fun! 

Changing your body after 40 can feel downright overwhelming but what if I told you it is 100% possible? Age is just a number and although we may be getting older we still have the opportunity to be better.

I can help you get stronger, leaner and moving pain free without sacrificing the things you love about your life!

Let's work together to create vibrant health from the inside out so you can feel fantastic into midlife and beyond!

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sue w.

"Working out with Jen is not just about the one hour that I spend with her. I often have a moment, much later in the day, when I hear her voice of encouragement. I may find myself in a tough situation, and I realize that her motivation extends into other areas of my life, not just fitness. She has pushed me to train hard, challenge myself and improve my strength. I have been working with Jen for many years and as I get older, Jen helps to change my mindset. She helps me to move beyond the thinking that I can’t keep improving my fitness, and motivates me to continue working hard. Jen knows me well, so each workout is inventive and Jen always imparts her positivity."

Sandy M.

"As I have gotten older, my body has been plagued with injuries. Jen has creatively worked around ankle injuries, shoulder injuries and a bad elbow.

Her workouts are individually tailored to meet my body’s (and brain’s) needs on that day. Beyond her knowledge of the physical and how to optimize how one’s body moves, she also offers advise on nutrition, stress relief and an overall sense of humor that makes the hour of exercise something I really look forward to!"

Christine B.

"Jen brings such a positive energy and vibe she encourages and pushes her students to strive to meet their individual goals. She ensures she gets to know you and all your personal limitations and goals and has the unique ability to cater a group class to all levels and skill sets, pushing each student in a positive, constructive and, ultimately, motivating way, She shows her own vulnerability which really allows you to learn to be comfortable with your own. She really encourages self love and acceptance and helps you focus your attention in a positive way, not accepting negativity, and really works with you to get to a place where feel you like you can accomplish anything!"

Melinda P.

"I’m old! But I must say l’m very active and always have been... I play a lot of competitive tennis and have worked out with a trainer for many years. It wasn’t until I started to train (more than 5 years ago) with Jen that I have felt so much stronger and healthier. At first I was doing just Personal Training with Jen, and then I added some group training classes. And of course now, I am doing online training training with Jen. The thing about Jen is she always makes it fun; and even more importantly, she has personalized both the in-person and online group classes to meet my needs and abilities. Jen always has a way to modify specific exercises so I can keep up with those who are much younger and in better shape than I am."

Darby A.

"As we start our 18th year together I can say with certainty she is one of the most creative, qualified professionals in the Health and Fitness field in the country (having lived all over the country). While our day to day training consists largely of HIIT & Functional Fitness workouts, she has patiently trained me for century rides and 24hr runs. She is never more than a text away to answers questions on what to eat or how to treat a sore muscle. However Jen's exceptional skill set set's her apart. It becomes undeniable when I've been injured. She has gotten me through an unimaginable number of serious injuries most recently extensive vascular surgery and knee reconstruction. She can adjust to any ailment and create a challenging yet safe workout drawing on her extensive fitness background. There isn't a challenge she can't meet."



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