I've been a personal trainer and coach for over 25 years and I believe in the power of fitness to change your life for the better. 

Imagine feeling more confident in your body on every level, not just how it looks, but also how it feels.  When it comes to wellness, my philosophy is simple. In order to experience a fully vital life; exercise, good nutrition and mindfulness are all essential elements. 

I understand the challenges that aging can throw at us. Whether it's nagging injuries, health issues or the stressors of life that steer us off course, I’ve been there!

If you feel like it's time to start making some changes to your health, but feel overwhelmed on where to begin, I can help. 

I specialize in helping people get unstuck and work toward developing better lifestyle habits for the long term. I educate and empower my clients to make the necessary changes that can transform their health for decades to come.


American Council on Exercise Personal Trainer 
American Council on Exercise Health Coach
American Council on Exercise Fitness Nutrition Specialist
Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach 
200 hr YOGA: Saraswati's Yoga: Norwalk CT
Spinning Certified
Stages Indoor Cycling
TRX Suspension Training Certified 


I understand the journey to better health and fitness is a personal one and unique to you!

Maybe you've tried before to get in shape, lose weight or improve your health but lost your motivation along the way. 

What if I told you change is possible, but like with any new skill, it takes time and practice to build better those habits for a lifetime.  That's where I come in!

Let's create a plan of action together. We'll start where you are, take it one step at a time and empower you to make true lasting change. 

You can do this!

why we should work together

Every day I help folks just like you get in the best shape of their lives!


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