TWO, 6-week total strength programs for women over 40 designed to bring you noticeable results with efficient and effective workouts

Build Lean Muscle and Boost your Metabolism

ONLY $128 FOR BOTH! (regularly $298)

Hi! I'm Jen Kirsch

I'm an online certified personal trainer and nutrition coach. 

 I am also a 52 year old woman, wife and mom of 3.

 I've had my share of unexpected midlife curveballs, setbacks and hormonal mayhem so I know some of what you are up against when trying to make changes to your body in midlife. 

I've created STRONGER U with you in mind. 

You see, I've been coaching fitness for over 28 years, and since then I've trained hundreds of women using many of the same techniques you'll find in STRONGER U so I know what it can do for you, and I also know how to get you noticeable results.

I’ve devoted my coaching practice to women over 40 because our struggles are unique.

We aren’t “old” but those one size fits all programs just aren’t the right fit for us.

One of the most common struggles I hear is: "My body has changes in midlife and what used to work, isn’t working anymore”

I wholeheartedly believe that strength training has the power to not only change your physique, but your quality of life.

This isn’t just my opinion…there are studies that prove this!

If you’ve been following me on social media you know that I am not just creating content for Instagram.
I’m not a trainer who sits on my phone sharing workouts in REELS. (Although it does engage my creative side!)
I’m a trainer who’s in the gym and online working with real people. 
My oldest client is 80, and my youngest client is 47. I train mostly women (and some guys too) with all sorts of different goals. Empty nesters, retirees, busy professionals, golfers, hikers, bikers and yogis.

Women with all sorts of different injuries and surgeries they’ve had to work around so I’ve seen it all. 
The thing I’m most proud about as a trainer is that I’m still training some clients that have been with me for over 20 years. The only way to keep clients that long is to get them results without getting injured in a workout.